29 maggio 2011

Tattoo Royalty, an ode to brilliance

Don't want to sound like a gloater, but I honestly can't count how many times I've been complemented on my tattoo's. Consequently, I cannot bring myself accurately provide you with the amount of times I recommended friends & strangers to my favorite, talented, tattoo artist. My good friend Diane of Mama Through The Pacific Glass introduced us in 2006 & it's been bliss ever since. In addition to being an extremely sweet & friendly person she's also an excellent artist; creating masterpieces in many mediums. The young lady I speak of is, the one & only, Queen of ink, Alisa King. She can currently be found producing gorgeous work at In the Skin in Pasadena, Ca. All the work she did on me was custom & look forward to much more in the future.
A couple of months ago she invited me to the opening reception of her show called PEEP SHOW @ Loft Beats in Pomona, Ca. Naturally I was beyond excited to see her latest work! Jane & I made the short trek from Highland Park to see what new treasures ma reine was unveiling. The show was spectacular & I took a few pictures for you, my lucky reader :) 

P E E P   S H O W

such beautiful displays

QT pie Jane 

open bar! guaranteed smiles :)


a sweet added touch to the frame for the painting in the photo above

Jane ♥


Lucky for us there is a second show, Peep Show 2 'His & Hers' is currently in the works! I look forward to seeing more & hopefully by then I'll have enough dough to take home some of the magic with me!! If you enjoy what you see please click the links & show her some love. 

decoration day..

23 maggio 2011

its MY blog & I'll ignore it if I want to

I hate feeling forced to blog...