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27 giugno 2011


I made a reference to Darian (Adrienne) Forrester in a post a lil over a year ago but I'm still feelin' her style today.

Gonna watch the movie again just for fun ♥
As luck would have it, The Crush will be available for Instant Watch on Netflix 7/1 :D

Growing up, I always wanted a pair of heart shapped shades.... they remind me of Kubrick's Lolita
Sue (or Suellyn) Lyon & I share birthdays, 7/10

summer reading perhaps? Not for me, my list is full, but if you've never read Nabokov's Lolita you definitely should:

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22 giugno 2011

me & you

21 giugno 2011


Today, after a trim & blow out at Barras salon, I had shave ice at the farmer's market & the flavor I chose is called TIGERBLOOD it's a Cherry/Coconut mixture & it was the perfect treat on the 1st official day of summer!!!
I walked around with a major smile after I left the salon.

beach ya to it


Designer BAND-AIDS!!

Looking for a cute/chic wetsuit....as soon as this tattoo heals I'll be hitting the waters! Hope you all had an awesome time celebrating International Surfing day!!

20 giugno 2011

nella fantastia

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo giusto, 
Li tutti vivono in pace e in onestà.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere, 
Come le nuvole che volano, 
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima. 

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo chiaro, 
Li anche la notte è meno oscura. 
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere, 
Come le nuvole che volano. 
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima.

Nella fantasia esiste un vento caldo, 
Che soffia sulle città, come amico. 
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere, 
Come le nuvole che volano, 
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima.

19 giugno 2011

Feliz dia de los Padres

Just like Julia Child, Meryls Streep, Sonya Sotomayor, & Sandra Day O'Connor, I too am the eldest child (of 5!) & oldest daughter. Having to share my Papa w/ so many siblings (plus patients, family, friends, & colleagues) hasn't always been easy but he's always managed to make sure I feel like his #1, for this, I will be eternally grateful.
Happy Father's day to my Hero!

Lagos Jump

Last week I introduced y'all to a band with a Saturday night residency (that only has 1 more show left!!) @ Casey's Irish Pub in Downtown LA but I didn't really tell you who they are.
Vocals/guitar is Jonathan Kovacs
Guitar by Nathan Hodson
Vocals/drums is Christina Gaillard
& on bass, Jeff McElroy
Who knew me forwarding one friend's number to another friend could ever turn into something as awesome and amazing as this?! When my bff Puah told me her older brother Johnny was looking for a drummer I almost immediately thought of my girl Christina. I knew they'd get on well but I had no expectations past that. I mean, I always knew they were both incredibly talented musicians but when they played their 1st show @ a party on Halloween in 2010 I had no idea just how hard they were gonna rock my socks off!!! I've been in love ever since. If you live in LA I highly recommend you get your ass down to Casey's next Saturday, June 25th & see Lagos Jump blow you away. It's a FREE show & the drinks are awesome. (I recommend the Bradbury shot!) Do a YouTube search for more videos of them playing shows at places around LA to hear more of their music.

filmed by Jerry 6.11.11

Filmed by yours truly last night!!

17 giugno 2011

A gift that lasts a lifetime

The gods are smiling & shinning good fortune on me :) Alisa, my queen, hooked me up with a great horned owl today!! I don't want to bore you & go into the symbolism or the many meanings this beautiful creature represents to different cultures all around the world, but I do want to say that clearly I love these little birds of prey & I'm thrilled to have one watching my back FOREVER ♥

 ointment because it's nnnneeeeeewww!!
 ♥ ♥ ♥

Done by Alisa King @ Infamous Ink on 6/17/11
left shoulder 
If you live in So Cal & you're looking for an awesome, sweet, talented, artist please hit her up!!! -You'll only regret it if you don't...!

Thank you sooooo much Alisa!!!!! I AM SO IN LOVE :)

16 giugno 2011

more more moooooore

having a little last minute BBQ today; lots of fun is being had running around the house gathering supplies, blasting old school music from the speakers :D

15 giugno 2011

LAFF part deux

I just saw that "L'arcano incantore" aka The Arcane Enchanter or The Arcane Sorcerer will be having a special screening thanks to Guillermo Del Torro at the REDCAT on Sunday @ 3:30pm!!!!

I was first introduced to this classic italian horror film almost 6yrs ago & I can't wait to see it again!!


Dad & I want to check out these flicks that will be screening at Film Independent's 17th (!!!) LA Film Festival. 
" The LAFF takes place June 16-26 in downtown Los Angeles. The Festival screens more than 200 features, shorts, documentaries and music videos from more than 40 countries. The Festival connects the movie-loving public to critically acclaimed filmmakers, film industry professionals, and emerging talent in the heart of Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world."
The Argentine Consulate sent us an e-mail promoting the following two films (Pascui Rivas grew up in Cordoba, the 2nd largest city in Argentina, & "Sidewalls" takes place in Bueno Aires) and I'm excited to see them both!  

Argentina/Germany/Spain    DIR Gustavo Taretto (91 minutes) CAST: Pilar López de Ayala, Javier Drolas, Inés Efron, Rafael Ferro, Adrián NavarroMariana and Martín are two lonely souls, living in tiny apartments within a block of each other in Buenos Aires. Both are young and attractive (if a tad neurotic), and they have many common tastes and views. In short, they would make a perfect couple. . .if they could just once manage to meet. 
    Saturday, June 18, 10:20 p.m., Regal 10- 

    Monday, June 20, 7:20 p.m., Downtown Independent

“Jean Lewis”
Argentina/ USA           DIR Pascui Rivas (10 minutes)
A once-famous Hollywood reporter is being moved to a retirement home and must leave more than her belongings behind.
    Fri, Jun 17th 7:40pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 14 
    Sat, Jun 18th 4:00pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 10

There are so many films screening and like most of the music festivals I go to, I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day, or that I could be in two places at once. 

Definitely going to have to make time for Miranda July's "The Future" 
I'll be at the screening on June 24th @ 7:20pm, the REDCAT

13 giugno 2011


Saturday nights @ Casey's Irish Pub in dtla

good friends of mine, Lagos Jump playing @ Casey's on 6/11/11
They'll be playing there every saturday this month!! Come!!!!!!

09 giugno 2011


These kids are so cute.....& they're dressed so sharp ;)

So far...

MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter
no diet. nothing extreme. just eating healthy & working out 5 times a week...which is a lot harder than it sounds...haha

Long day ahead of me tomorrow. Lots of reading followed by more reading. The end is extremely fucking NIGH my friends. This time next week I'll be celebrating the end of what seemed like a never ending spring semester.

08 giugno 2011

I suggest...

TLC station on Pandora is what's uppp



This show cracks me up. If I had a job I'd want to work w/ these assholes...


07 giugno 2011


owl tattoos on the brain


It's like my friend Arnie says 'Donde hay carne- hay FIESTA!' hahaha

✝ 7 ✝ 7 ✝ 11 ✝

midnight makeovers

04 giugno 2011


Currently obsessed w/ brAIDS & of course, mermAIDS! If only I had a head of locks flowing down to my bottom....