26 agosto 2011


08 agosto 2011

06 agosto 2011


East fork river. 
Next time I want to hike to the Bridge to Nowhere :)

05 agosto 2011

02 agosto 2011

Better days

So overwhelmed with everything I need to do. To be frank, I really don't know where to start. Really wish you were here to help. Nothing is as fun without you. When you're around even the most tedious and mundane tasks become fun.
I don't care to reminisce on the bad times- the future moves forward; ours to write.

parte due

So as it turns out, I don't have that many photos to share from the huge party Lagos Jump threw for Goretti & I at their beautiful home in Altadena. What a shame.

The band set up on the staircase, not pictured is Andrew, who was bangin on the bongos & groovin on the stairs above Jeff ( the bassist on the left)

All in all a super rad night. So many people that I hadn't seen in forever came out to party! The only draw back was being hungover the next day @ the Dodger game I went to with my Dad & older brother....but the Dodgers won so it didn't even matter ♥