30 giugno 2010

La Belle au Bois dormant

The American Ballet Theatre presents The Sleeping Beauty at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion July 15th-18th.




I've played at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion (violin) before and it's an amazing theatre. I recommend that you go right away if you've never been.
I remember getting in trouble for playing in the water fountains when I was little =P



I can't get enough.
Earlier this week I got Season's 1 & 2 on DVD and I've been watching them non-stop. I cannot wait for season 4 to premier on July 25th!!!!
I just HAVE TO get my hands on season 3 before the next season starts. I've seen every episode but I want to keep the marathon going ^_^



AP Photographer Charlie Riedel shot the following images of seabirds caught in the oil slick on a beach on Louisiana's East Grand Terre Island. They break my heart.





Summer reading.

I've been obsessed with lil Edie and big Edie and everything connected with Grey Gardens after seeing the 1975 documentary.
I loved Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange in the 2009 for TV movie.
Now this:
Lil Edie's diary. I cannot wait to read this and get to know the world through the thoughts of a wealthy 11yr old living in 1929.

28 giugno 2010

Payback 4yrs in the making


2006 The Germans beat us in a weak ass tie. This year I hope to watch my team pulverize los alemanes!!!

born to ride



The Dodgers faced the Yankees today in the 3rd and last games of this interleague series. Friday we lost BY 1 POINT. Saturday (JETER's Birthday!) we creamed 'em! Today we were ahead the ENTIRE game. Then Johnny Broxton came in and fucked it up. Throwing HARD BALLS. He gave up 4 fucking runs and our lead. WHACK.

Yankee fans in LA can kick rocks. Buncha sorry fucks.

27 giugno 2010



2 points in before the half!!!!!

My Mom if from Mexico and my Dad is from Argentina. I got love for both but my Dad has had me in an Argentine jersey since I can remember.

Saturday Night's alright for fighting



get a lil action in!

26 giugno 2010



Howling at the moon

Everything in my horoscope points to a bad time.
Tonight (err this morning) there will be a full moon eclipse. According to everything I've read I should be tense. My relationship, strained. My mood- overly sensitive and apparently I should be feeling as if nothing I do goes right.
I'm happy to report that the exact opposite is true. Contrary to what's been predicted, for the 1st time in a long time, everything feels like it's falling into place. C'est la vie en rose!

I want to see the eclipse. Tonight I miss the ol Pringle house in Altadena. I spent many a night moon gazing on that roof.

25 giugno 2010


there aren't enough words (or perhaps it isn't the English language that fails me, but rather my vocabulary) to describe what this here young lady means to me.
Get at her blog and check out what she has to say.

Nice girls don't wear Cha-Cha heels!

No doubt I will be joining you in Chicago in no time. Only WE would show up to a gangster party decked out in full on chola mockary (or perhaps it was an homage?) gear. LOL



She's one of my favorite people. Check out her blog and see what's good.

She'll be at the Silverlake Art* Craft & Vintage this weekend too. Stop by!


spent the day shopping for my little sister. She turns TWELVE next week! Where did the time go?!
I feel like just yesterday I was combing her hair and changing her diapers.
I got her a purple/black tie dye dress, a hello kitty t-shirt, a sailor jerry-esque t-shirt, and this insanely cute chambray dress.

I wish her mother wasn't the most evil woman on Earth =/ (Note*we do NOT have the same Mom)

Hopefully I'll get to see her for her birthday. She wants me to tak eher to see the new Twilight movie. So precious.

i have this song stuck in my head.

bonne nuit

23 giugno 2010

22 giugno 2010

are you loko?

I tried it once. I got blackout drunk and had a TERRIBLE hangover the next day. no bueno.

17 giugno 2010

13 giugno 2010

Sunday Morning.

you came in with the breeeeeeze.
haha I love No Doubt. duh

Today was far more productive than I had intended. We found some neat stuff @ the Rose Bowl flea market.
Eryc came along and the sun came out to greet us. It was lovely. My only regret was not having time to stop by my girl BB's booth. We had just enough time to load the car before scooting off to meet up with my Mom and her bf Gary for brunch.
We went to La Grande Orange in Pasadena. My homie Rene works there and he made sure our food was extra delicious

This weekend...
I loved:
+The opening ceremony & all world cup games. Especially ARGENTINA's win!! (RIP Mandela's grand daughter =/)
+Seeing my girl Puah
+Beetlejuice @ the Hollywood Forever Cemetary
+The live music @ a house party Gabe & I went to with Puah
+The copius amounts of Sangria I drank at this morning's brunch :)
+Walking around the Rose Bowl holding Gabe's hand

I hated:
-Seeing the ugly ass angels sweep my beloved Dodgers.
-The Lakers losing to the Celtics. (We'll get 'em on our turf, WE DOIN 7 BABY!)
-The ridiculously long ass line at the cemetary for Beetlejuice
-My sleeping scheduel is all off because of these soccer games

11 giugno 2010

le moment est venu

This time around I will root for the same team I rooted for in 1990, 94, 98, 2002, and 2006....ARGENTINA!!!!! We haven't won since 1986 but we came close in 1990...we usually root for France Mexico & Italy when Argentina gets cut but hopefully this year we won't have to! Brazil is strong, do one can debate that...

10 giugno 2010



Hump day

Tonight Gabe & I had the pleasure of seeing our boys in blue serve it to the Cardinals. 4-3. Great game. We cheered & high-fived. We ate hot dogs, peanuts, & cotton candy. It was really fun. One of my favorite things to do in LA.
(pictured: Pee Wee Reese, Roy 'Campy' Campanella (MY FAVE PLAYER OF ALL TIME), Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, and Carl Furillo)

After the SWEEP we came home and watched one of my favorite movies, La Strada
If you haven't seen it, PLEASE go rent it nowww. My Dad & I used to watch this movie together when I was a kid ALL the time. You won't regret it.

09 giugno 2010

J'adore Godard

Tendre et cruel. Réel et surréel. Terrifiant et marrant. Nocturne et diurne. Solite et insolite. Beau comme tout. ...... 
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08 giugno 2010

CFDA Awards 2010...faveys

The Rodarte sisters Kate & Laura Mulleavy...If only because I'm so in love with their brand.

WWD said Iman had the best accessory of all, David Bowie...I'd have to agree <3

Zac Posen and the lovely Devon Aoki

Michelle Trachtenberg

SJP in Alexander McQueen, RIP.

Whitney Port

Jessica Stam

Spock hottie Zachary Quinto

MTV movie awards 2010 faveys

Snoop reps LA and the Lakers and KOBE

The Jersey Shore girls because my bestie Puah did 1 of the girls' make-up

She did a great job!!

idk who this girl is but I love her braid!

I like what Kelly Cutrone said 'Part Wonder Woman, part Bettie Page'

so pretty!


Owlways love Drew