13 giugno 2010

Sunday Morning.

you came in with the breeeeeeze.
haha I love No Doubt. duh

Today was far more productive than I had intended. We found some neat stuff @ the Rose Bowl flea market.
Eryc came along and the sun came out to greet us. It was lovely. My only regret was not having time to stop by my girl BB's booth. We had just enough time to load the car before scooting off to meet up with my Mom and her bf Gary for brunch.
We went to La Grande Orange in Pasadena. My homie Rene works there and he made sure our food was extra delicious

This weekend...
I loved:
+The opening ceremony & all world cup games. Especially ARGENTINA's win!! (RIP Mandela's grand daughter =/)
+Seeing my girl Puah
+Beetlejuice @ the Hollywood Forever Cemetary
+The live music @ a house party Gabe & I went to with Puah
+The copius amounts of Sangria I drank at this morning's brunch :)
+Walking around the Rose Bowl holding Gabe's hand

I hated:
-Seeing the ugly ass angels sweep my beloved Dodgers.
-The Lakers losing to the Celtics. (We'll get 'em on our turf, WE DOIN 7 BABY!)
-The ridiculously long ass line at the cemetary for Beetlejuice
-My sleeping scheduel is all off because of these soccer games

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