17 dicembre 2010


16 dicembre 2010

Strip! Strip! Hooray!!!

*Note: this post is extremely image heavy and possibly nsfw (if your boss/co-workers are total squares!!)

One minute I'm helping (watching) my friends make ceviche and resting after a long day of fun adventures, the next minute I'm on the phone winning 2 tickets to see Dita Von Teese's much anticipated burlesque show Strip!Strip! Hooray! @ the Roxy! 
No doubt I was over the moon and wasted no time finding an awesome friend to attend this night of gloriousness with me. 

J E N N Y ♥

The red lighting set the mood perfectly. The crowd was a nice mix of people. Eclectic! Lotsa babes too.

Murray Hill was the Emcee, SHOWBIZ! I liked his interaction with the crowd and performers between sets. There was a dance off with people from the audience. Murray gave the winner a signed head shot...of himself LOL

The magic begins!

I can't remember this lady's name but she was delightful and from Russia! (Lotta? Idk) 

Selene Fucking Luna!!!! 
Her set had a pot theme (peep the fan!) and she ended the number with a sultry strut down the runway sporting a 'Legalize It' sign ♥

I LOVE the silhouette's in the next 3 photos...

Feathers!!! Of course she had a different set of feather fans for each number; Each one more stunning than the one before.

Love the water spraying off her boobs

eyes closed

Perle Noire! She hails from N'awlins and Monday was her 1st show in LA. 
Banana dance a la Josephine Baker! 

Dirty Martini's second act! 

Dita pulls out the big guns

Ride 'em cowgirl! That mechanical bull was tricked out! Swarovski crystals and everything!


11 dicembre 2010

Happy Holidaze

Just wanted to take this moment and wish you all a happy holiday season!
I'm busy with finals and can't blog as much as I'd like to. Just as well I suppose because I seem to be going through some sort of writer's block/uninspired/mercury in retrograde/ funk thing anyway...
Lots of fun holiday party pictures and last minute gift ideas to come I promise :)

24 novembre 2010

bargain brawls

LET IT BE KNOWN! There is NO deal great enough to drag me out of bed or even away from my family and friends. I try not to judge (to each their own!) but UGH how can you be so desperate?!
I can't believe there are people actually in line RIGHT NOW. Spending their vacation days camped out in front of a store or mall- for WHAT?! a fucking discount?! Laaaaaaame. 
I used to work in retail at the store level(ew) when I was fresh out of high school & I have seen some CRAZY SHIT on black friday. 
For me, shopping is a therapeutic, relaxing hobby. I'd rather sip on champagne and listen to groovy tunes or chat with friends while I comb through the racks. Usually I stay away from malls altogether (promenades are so much nicer) but if I do have to go to the windowless hell that is the mall, I stick to the early/middle of a weekday. There's plenty of parking, the stores are empty, and the sales people are so much more attentive.
So while you're out in line all night long I'll be sitting by the fireplace with my family enjoying their company. On friday, while you're out hunting for a deal and clawing your way through the aisles, I'll be kicking back with my buddies and a bunch of leftovers. 
Mhmm. Fuck that noise.

Noemi after dark.

what is 'after dark'? dawn? down make no kinds of sense.....

Tomorrow morning I will be reunited with my favorite ruka. My ride or die bish for life, Liz.
I haven't seen her in a fucking YEAR. 
Yay for Thanksgiving and it's ability to bring people together!
This year, I'm thankful for the people like Liz in my life. The ones you can count on. I mean really count on. The people I can tell anything to-anytime. No judgement, no fear. The people who love me for who I  AM and not for what I have or what I can bring to the table. The people who will fly across the country, or even across the planet, just to be with me for a few days. I consider myself EXTREMELY blessed to have these kinds of close people in my life. Truly, I'm so grateful for their love and strength. They inspire me everyday.
Liz happens to be family, which only makes things sweeter because I get to brag that I'm RELATED to this amazing bish. Honestly though, even if we weren't bonded by blood, I know she'd still be a major part of my life. 

In other news, 


22 novembre 2010

Happy hour?

Michael Jackson on the set of Captain EO

I've been an awful good girl...


Front porch views:

Back patio views:

Around NELA:


The sky over York blvd this weekend....


Late night bite at La Estrella on Ave 61 & Figueroa

As you can see my obsession with the sky hasn't weaned yet....