24 novembre 2010

bargain brawls

LET IT BE KNOWN! There is NO deal great enough to drag me out of bed or even away from my family and friends. I try not to judge (to each their own!) but UGH how can you be so desperate?!
I can't believe there are people actually in line RIGHT NOW. Spending their vacation days camped out in front of a store or mall- for WHAT?! a fucking discount?! Laaaaaaame. 
I used to work in retail at the store level(ew) when I was fresh out of high school & I have seen some CRAZY SHIT on black friday. 
For me, shopping is a therapeutic, relaxing hobby. I'd rather sip on champagne and listen to groovy tunes or chat with friends while I comb through the racks. Usually I stay away from malls altogether (promenades are so much nicer) but if I do have to go to the windowless hell that is the mall, I stick to the early/middle of a weekday. There's plenty of parking, the stores are empty, and the sales people are so much more attentive.
So while you're out in line all night long I'll be sitting by the fireplace with my family enjoying their company. On friday, while you're out hunting for a deal and clawing your way through the aisles, I'll be kicking back with my buddies and a bunch of leftovers. 
Mhmm. Fuck that noise.

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