01 novembre 2010

BIG things poppin' and little things stoppin'

I know everyone is all geared up for the election tomorrow, as they should be, and there are loads of really neat events to check out tomorrow for Dia de Los Muertos, but you know what else is tomorrow? The Old LA Farmer's Market in Highland Park. Every week I look forward to perusing through the merch of all the vendors, sampling the freshly sliced fruit, and purchasing a few goodies when I can. Last week's fair was extra special because it was the Haunted Harvest and they had face painters, storytellers, lots of yummy food, and Artichoke played!!! The smell of the roasting peanuts filled the air with an intoxicating scent of heaven that I just couldn't resist.

The Market runs from 3pm-8pm

It's Located at Ave 57 and Marmion Way next to the Metro Gold Line Highland Park Station

Go to http://www.oldla.org for more information!  

There was a costume contest with heaps of princesses and painted faces


Delicious candy apples!

$5 3lb tamales!!! So fucking gooood!

Artichoke rocked! (Join the fan club on Facebook!) I'm pretty sure I was the only person in attendance who knew every lyric and I kind of felt like Mel from Flight of The Concords but whatever, I happily tapped my feet and sang along :D

I want ALL of these bars of soap. They smell so amazing!!

So many pretty things I wanted to take home with me...

The band played one of my favorite songs, T-rex! Steve (the Theremin player) danced around in a T-Rex mask and I could hardly contain myself!!

As exciting as the Farmer's Market is, please don't forget to take a minute to vote. It's so important to inform yourself on the issues and candidates and make your opinion heard. No one else is going to do this for you and there are important issues at hand. Sometimes it scares me who uninformed my peers seem to be. I know politics may not be everybody's 'thing' and I admit that it can be intimidating to bring up the topic of politics (especially when there's an upcoming election) in mixed company, but if you are unclear on what the propositions are about or who's platform you agree with there are many many ways to educate yourself. I recommend The GOOD Voter Guide to California for a nice breakdown.

You'll enjoy the offerings of the Farmer's Market and the festivities of Dia de Los Muertos WAY more knowing you did your part and had your say. I know it's easy to get discouraged when the only thing you see about the elections is a bunch of pathetic and petty attack ads back and forth but don't let that get you down. Those are put in place to distract you from the real issues but don't fall for them. Know the facts and use your best judgement. 

After voting and grabbing a few healthy snacks from the Farmer's Market I'll be headed to East LA for Self Help Graphic's 37th Annual Dia de Los Muertos Celebration! The longest running Day of the Dead event in the country!!! The year's Master of Ceremonies will be none other than my favorite (from day one) contestant and winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing, Felipe Esparza!!! I'm stoked. 

And now, because I can't help myself, another photo of the NELA sky...
I took this picture on my way home from Silver Lake the other day. Heading down the 134 about to exit on Figueroa to be exact (don't worry, I wasn't driving). SO so inspiring....

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