24 novembre 2010

Noemi after dark.

what is 'after dark'? dawn? down make no kinds of sense.....

Tomorrow morning I will be reunited with my favorite ruka. My ride or die bish for life, Liz.
I haven't seen her in a fucking YEAR. 
Yay for Thanksgiving and it's ability to bring people together!
This year, I'm thankful for the people like Liz in my life. The ones you can count on. I mean really count on. The people I can tell anything to-anytime. No judgement, no fear. The people who love me for who I  AM and not for what I have or what I can bring to the table. The people who will fly across the country, or even across the planet, just to be with me for a few days. I consider myself EXTREMELY blessed to have these kinds of close people in my life. Truly, I'm so grateful for their love and strength. They inspire me everyday.
Liz happens to be family, which only makes things sweeter because I get to brag that I'm RELATED to this amazing bish. Honestly though, even if we weren't bonded by blood, I know she'd still be a major part of my life. 

In other news, 


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  1. amazing post, amazing you! I love you bishhhh!

  2. p.s
    haha i thought my mom burned that pic of me as a tot. whooops!