19 giugno 2011

Lagos Jump

Last week I introduced y'all to a band with a Saturday night residency (that only has 1 more show left!!) @ Casey's Irish Pub in Downtown LA but I didn't really tell you who they are.
Vocals/guitar is Jonathan Kovacs
Guitar by Nathan Hodson
Vocals/drums is Christina Gaillard
& on bass, Jeff McElroy
Who knew me forwarding one friend's number to another friend could ever turn into something as awesome and amazing as this?! When my bff Puah told me her older brother Johnny was looking for a drummer I almost immediately thought of my girl Christina. I knew they'd get on well but I had no expectations past that. I mean, I always knew they were both incredibly talented musicians but when they played their 1st show @ a party on Halloween in 2010 I had no idea just how hard they were gonna rock my socks off!!! I've been in love ever since. If you live in LA I highly recommend you get your ass down to Casey's next Saturday, June 25th & see Lagos Jump blow you away. It's a FREE show & the drinks are awesome. (I recommend the Bradbury shot!) Do a YouTube search for more videos of them playing shows at places around LA to hear more of their music.

filmed by Jerry 6.11.11

Filmed by yours truly last night!!

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