05 luglio 2011

celebrating stolen land & other truths

My little sister summed up my sentiments on the 4th of July pretty well. She sent me a text which read: "Go American idiots watching lights going up in the sky"...she just turned 13. So poignant.

Most Americans celebrate 'Independence' Day by having a BBQ & blowing things up all night. Toasting to 'Freedom' & keeping the fire and police departments plenty busy.... But what are they really celebrating? Declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.....that shit was done on July 2nd! My guess is for most it's really all about having the day off of work, spending quality time with family/friends, & not so much about patriotism. I'm down for a good time, but something about celebrating this country rubs me the wrong way...

Still, I'd be lying if I said that's the only reason I dislike this holiday.....

It was the summer of 1997 that forever changed this holiday for me. A beautiful day in So Cal; spent on my dad's boat in my favorite pink rose print swimsuit. We made crêpes, snorkeled, & watched fireworks (put on by PROFESSIONALS & not the bad ass lil kids in the neighborhood) from a safe distance (i.e., watching from the deck of the boat that was anchored near the beach).
The entire day had been really lovely & coming home to find the giant driveway gate had been somehow knocked down by our 3, probably terrified, dogs was a real shock. The bubble literally burst. Full on panic set in when we realized that only 2 of the 3 dogs were accounted for & the search began. We all ran around the neighborhood frantically searching for our beloved Shar-Pei. Sadly the search ended rather quickly when I spotted what looked like a mangled paper bag laying lifelessly on the side of the road. A quick inspection by my then step-mother Sarah confirmed the worst-our lil wrinkly bundle of joy had been run over by a car & killed. My dad wrapped him up in a bed sheet & we had him (illegally) buried in our backyard in between the tree house & the plum tree.  :'(
When I think about it, that summer, and our pup's death was a pretty major marker in my life.
By the following summer almost everything in my life was different! Moved from Beverly Hills to a to the equestrian side of Glendale, where I didn't know a single soul. Dad divorced Sarah & got with his current wife, whom I still can't fucking stand. I graduated from the 5th grade, which in my school also meant moving from the 'little kid' grassy playground to the 'big kid' black top basketball courts that the middle & high school kids shared-A scary step I wasn't looking forward to!!!
My little sister was born July 2nd, 1998 & the world was new.

I have a feeling I won't be in the US this time next year so maybe I'll be looking at this holiday with a different sentiment, but currently it's one of contempt.....

America.............FUCK YEAH NAH

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