25 novembre 2009


I almost named Nala Wednesday but i decided to save the name for another pet. One of Hugh Heffner's girlfriends had a hideous dog named Wednesday. I find the name would be better suited for a cat.

Gabe and I have 3 different houses to visit this year. We will be bringing cider to each home. 2 bottles per household.
I am currently baking up a storm of goodies to bring aswell. I finally decided on:
+Vegan Pumkin Spice cookies
+Vegan Pumpkin Custard
+Pumkpin Caramel cake
+Vegan Gingerbread cookies
+and Cranberry/Orange muffins!

I feel like some people (meat eaters) get weirded out when you mention something is vegan or vegetarian so I don't think I'll mention it.

Mmmm I am loving this Kush. Prime shit.
OK all I wanna do is watch South Park and eat Taco Bell hahaha

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Be thankful and gluttonous Americans!

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  1. amen to south park and taco bell! sounds look a perfect evening to me.