19 dicembre 2009

and the punks are united.

A few nights ago Gabe and I watched a movie about his friends and the gutterpunk scene. It premiered and won the Freedom of Expression award at the Sundance awards in 1998.
It was so trippy to see a documentary that starred some of his closest friends when he was growing up.
It brought life to all the stories he told me about when we were first getting to know each other. All the tales that come with each battle wound.
Part of me was saddened. Seeing all these kids with such terrible issues at home that the street seemed better..or not having any place to go.
Gabe's childhood was fucked. Squats felt safer. His friends were his family.
You can download the torrent online somewhere. There are performances and interviews with Final Conflict, Litmus Green, Naked Agression, and The Resistance.

I could go into all the deets I know about each person but it's more special if I don't.

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