03 dicembre 2009

We've only just begun...

Moving day 1 is officially here. You'd think I would have started packing before today...
I'm relunctant to leave but anxious to go. I love this house so so much.
This house used to belong to a man I know as Mr. James Pringle. Pringle built most of the house. He worked for the city and made everything up to code. He was really into jazz and architecture. After he passed, Mrs. Pringle sold the house to my Mama and that is where my love affair with this little bit of property nuzzled atop Altadena began...this 1960's foothill home is full of treasures.
1st there's the recording studio with the built in bar. Aside from the awesomeness of having a recording studio in your house, the carpet is this super cool pattern of red and orange hues.
The stuido has two doors that lead to 2 different parts of the yard.

Before I go on I should explain that the house has 3 different yards and one of them, the biggest of them all, is divided into 3...

Ok so the studio had 2 doors that leads to two different sections. There's a sliding glass door that leads to a side yard.
The side yard has a apple tree that house been bountiful to say the least. I've made Apple butter, Apple marmalade, and Apple pies using it's generosity.
Then there's the seperate little house that sits in the back corner of this side yard. We use it as a laundry room. We also have a second refrigerator in there. It's got an intercom and a doorbell and if I had lived here when I was little I imagine I would have made that little house into my personal playpen.
Next is an area Pringle aptly named SINATRA LAND. It's got a refigerator, neon beer signs, and speakers. Surrounded but trees and vines. A great place to sit and relax and escape.
The second door leads to the backyard. This is the yard that's divided in two.
One seciton has a giant built in grill and a fireplace and the second section has built in benches and a shed that looks like another little house. This second section also has a grill and a little staircase that leads to another part of the house....my favorite part of the house! The Sunroom!
The sunroom is awesome. My cousin Liz once used it as her bedroom and we currently use it to keep the dogs confined when we're not home.
The best part of the sunroom is the ladder that takes you to the artists loft. The loft is to die for. It's got shelves, windows, and a drafting table. There's even a tiny little door that leads to the roof!
I spent countless nights up there painting, drawing, just hanging out. Sneaking out onto the roof for midnight smoking sessions and star gazing. I'll miss this part of the house the most.
The front of the house has an adorable little bench and portable fireplace and a cute fountain with a little statue of a woman pouring water.
When I leave here I will take Pringles legacy with me. I will take his black and white photos, his swinger party flyers, his poems, journals, and of course my many memories of being here.
Here's a photo of the front of the house I found on the realtors website.

Doesn't do it justice...

anyway, I have a LOT more packing to do and then I'll be headed to Highland Park where I'll be living with my brother in a cute little 2 bed, 2 bath house with a white picket fence!
Here's a picture I found of it on Google:

I blurred out the address and street name haha

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  1. I still haven't packed all my stuff and moved in haha. It's exciting that you'll be so close though! And I'll never forget those neighbors at your old house spraying us all with the hose :)


  2. they were worst! I let Nala poo in their yard(and didn't pick it up!) a few time since that night haha