20 luglio 2010

Summer lovin ♥

Excuse my absense, I've been out, enjoying the summer. Basking in the sensastion of the sun beating on my skin.
Sunblock, slurpees, water, swimsuits, sandals, and sunglasses are my essentials right now.
We've been spending time at the beach, the pool, and the river. At night we retreat to movie theatres, places with A/C and ice cream.
mother Earth's BOUNTIES.



The house is looking spiffy lately. I feel the need to rearrange the layout of my room...
this weekend the garbage disposal got fixed, the shower curtain rod was fixed, the handle for the toilet in the littel bathroom was fixed, the contractor came and we discussed the fence he is going to build around the front and backyard!

school starts august 30th! Pre-med!!!! :-O!

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