12 settembre 2010

Ils sont fous ces romains!

just watched the episode of South Park about IMAGINATIONLAND and that shit had me bustin up!!

There was a quick flash of Obelix the tubby fellow above- He's Asterix's BFF/sidekick. That image of him sent my mind flying right back to the 1990's! Back when I was kid in Loz Feliz at the Lycée International de Los Angeles. My friends & I had a vast collection of LES AVENTURES D'ASTERIX LE GAULOIS (by René Goscinny) comic books at our disposal. I distinctly remember the feeling of the lush dark green carpet that lined the library floor.
On occasion we'd get to watch a video or two as a part of class or on a rainy day recess. Those lovable idiots were always getting into all sorts of trouble on their globe trotting adventures.
I could be mistaken but I'm guessing they're not insanely popular in the US because Gabe had NO CLUE what I was talking about...maybe some of my Canadian readers will know what's up though!

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