10 ottobre 2010

Argentine popcorn & Halloween projects

This week is going to be full of fun October activities!!  

A few crafts on my list this week are: 

♥carving pumpkins 

♥making a couple of bat mobiles for the front porch

♥setting up/painting the dia de los muertos calaveras & the glitter skulls
♥making candy apples 
♥and watching horror movies DUH...I'm stoked!

I'm going to bake my neighbors a pumpkin loaf & I'm even going to try out a recepie for pumpkin soup I found online. 
Have you hung up your outdoor/indoor decorations yet?? Do you have any fun Halloween happenings going on? Share it in the comments!

I made some sinfully delicious dulce de leche popcorn tonight. Yum!!

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