18 ottobre 2010

witchy weather = weekend bender

The weather in LA has been cold and rainy recently. The grey skies fit so perfectly with the season don't you think? One of my favorite parts of this time of the year is the weather. The air is so crisp and fresh. Makes me want to stay under the covers and cuddle with Muffin and Nala all day and warm up with booze and a bonfire at night.

Our gardeners come on Saturdays and I just love having the fallen leaves in the yard and on the walkway all week. Crunch crunch crunch. Love the sound/feeling of the leaves being smashed under my feet.
Muffin loves playing in the little graveyard I set up in the front yard


Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of grabbing a bite to eat with my good friend Catey at Auntie Em's Kitchen down the street.
Their food is always so satisfying and tasty. The curry pumpkin soup and pumpkin/tomato white lasagna had me thinking about my own pumpkins at home.
My howling wolves pumpkin has already rotted D: It's going out with the trash tomorrow morning. Earlier this week I made it over to Figueroa Produce and scooped up a couple of those organic pumpkins from the South Central Farmers. I'll be sure to post pictures when they're ready to be put out on the porch, promise.

The cloudy, chilly weather and the stresses of my upcoming midterms had me resorting to the 2 following activities:
Part 1. Curling up in bed w/ horror movies and catching up on TV
Part 2. Being a booze hound with my friends
Both activities manage to keep me warm and entertained all at once. Indulging in part 1 allowed me to catch Elvira's Movie Macabre. This week she featured The Brain That Wouldn't Die the twisted tale of a man's inability to let go of a loved one and her ultimate revenge. Of course Elvira's cheeky quips are gut busting throughout the film. Perfect tits AND comedic timing? She's got it all.
Part 2 Was technically divided into 3 rounds. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Typical.
Round 1, Friday night was spent hitting up a few local spots with friends. First dinner at a Mexican restaurant down the street with Eryc & Felissa. Really great dinner plates for under $5. Love.
Next, Felissa and I grabbed some drinks and joined some friends at Jason and Keely's place where we had the distinct pleasure of meeting their little man, Chuy. 

The lot of us stepped out to Footsie's and later to Black Boar where I enjoyed some spooky decorations and organic German wheat beer. Fantastic!
 bloooody braaaiiiinsss!


Round 2, Saturday was a little crazier. Eryc, Rene & I went to Little Foot's house party in East LA. To say we were buzzed when we showed up would be an understatement. Let's just say the night ended around 4am with Rene and I practically carrying Eryc to bed.
The next day we all woke up feeling less than amazing.
 We decided to take it easy for a bit and escape the rain clouds in a movie theatre. We watched Jackass 3 which is about as funny as 1hr40 minutes of fart and dick jokes can be....

back patio view

Round 3 began late Sunday evening when Eryc and I decided to celebrate the fact that he had Monday off and the reopening of one of our favorite shops in Lincoln Heights, Cloud 9!

After such a wild weekend you'd think we'd be eager to take a night of for recuperation. That's where you're wrong. Rene and Christian came over this evening and the 4 of us made dinner and put Rene's new vaporizer, Teddybear, to good use.

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  1. Ohh my little man looking so handsome with his hat! Haha so funny!