06 ottobre 2010

peep this

While we're on the subject of recommendations, if you haven't seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor and rent/ buy/ download it.
Earlier this year when I was in Berkeley to see my fratello graduate I got a chance to hit up the local theatre with Jules, Hadin, and my other brother Alex. The tickets were a bargain at $8 and the seats were these giant plush leather chairs with cup holders conveniently big enough to hold our 40's!
The movie wasn't exactly what we had expected but a good time none the less. What it says about art and the graffiti movement, I'm not sure, but the theme of repetition that is so adamantly emphasized throughout the film is something the guys and I have always stressed. 

I just forced Gabe to watch it and he hated Thierry Guetta SO much. For all his faults I still couldn't help adore Theirry's lovable moronic ways. I don't think Thierry set out to be the copy cat he became. When the journey began there was this real sense of admiration and fascination Thierry had with all the artists that felt so genuine to me.
So ironic that in the final act he ended up completely exploiting this art form he had set out to praise. Still it's not like Shepard Fairey, Bansky, and the like hadn't already morphed into these weird underground, unwilling, celebrities they had never really planned on being....

Check it out and let me know what you think! 

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