13 ottobre 2010

Wolf Mo✝her

Rene & I (Eryc helped) carved our pumpkins last night!! This has got to be one of my favorite Halloween type activities of all. The process is carnal and creative with a snack when you're done!
If you're not baking/toasting those gutted pumpkin seeds you're a fool...
I'm so glad the Celtics brought their Samhain festival to America! I'm so glad they found our indigenous pumpkin and realized it's grand potential!! Where would be if none of that had happened?? 

Rene went freestyle with his stencil and just used the pattern as a reference. 

Eryc is really good at that! I drew out an intricate hole for the lid and he was a wiz with the knife

Check out my super cute Halloween apron!

So goth.

My creation! Two wolves howling the night away!

Have you carved out any masterpieces onto your pumpkins yet? Want some tips? Share it in the comments!!

2 commenti:

  1. I love that apron! We'll do our pumpkin carving this week, hopefully I won't butcher these poor things too badly!

  2. Let me know what night you decide to do it! I have plans on Wed and Thurs but I really wanna join ya'll!