04 ottobre 2010

monster plans

Funny scene from Mad Men last night:

All that energy I spent on dreaming about being a mermaid didn't work. I ended up having this funny dream about making designing clothes and shoes with my bff Lady Gaga (lol wtf?). Everyone kept complaining about how tight the clothes were and how high the heels were and Gaga and I just kept shouting 'FASHHIOOON!!!' hahahaha

I'd love to be a professional mermaid one day though. Seriously.

I have an interview tomorrow and I really hope the company/position is as amazing as it sounds. I need a friggin job so bad.
Things I will buy w/my future paychecks:
♥ round trip ticket to see Liz in Chicago.
♥ round trip ticket to see Esteban in Madrid.
♥ round trip ticket to see Jules in Bastia.
♥ a myriad of clothes and shoes I've been gushing over.
♥ a mirror for the empty wall space above my living room fire place!
♥ an ounce or two of prime greens that I will turn into a super potent butter (esp. since Arnold singed bill 1149) :D

time to read until my sleeping pills kick in.

keep your fingers crossed!

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