06 ottobre 2010

pour over this.

I've never done any book recommendations here...not that I can recall at least...but I'd like to propose that everyone I know put down whatever book they're wrapped up in and head out to buy or download a copy of this book:
La Coquête du Pain, or The Conquest of Bread by Pierre (or Peter) Kropotkin
It's interesting how without ever had read his work before I already had the same ideas and opinions about the inadequacies of capitalism. Kropotkin discusses how fucked up the system is and how it thrives on keeping the poor down. He suggests an economic system built on mutual aid. He points out that this isn't anything new either. Kropotkin brings up all kinds of interesting points that I'll let you discover on your own. When you're ready to discuss (because what good is it to read a book if you don't reflect on it afterwards) I'll be here waiting. :D

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