26 ottobre 2010

i worship SCIENCE

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have free time to lay out and watch the sunset from my back yard. WHAT A SIGHT.
The sky was gorgeous. All kinds of diffenrent hues of blue, orange, pink, purple, and grey.The sky mesmerised me so much, always has. I love watching the sun come up and go down. On the rare occasion that I find myself out of the city at night & out in the open where the sky is clear, I get taken aback by the beauty. So vast, so uncontainable. I could literally spend an entire night starring up at the stars. Space in general fascinates me though & I could go on and on all night about my love for nebulas, shooting stars, meteor showers an the like...
During the day, if the weather permits, I love to stare at the clouds. Love finding shapes in the clouds.

The best way to do it is get out a comfy blanket, turn on some tunes, and lay out on your back. Sunglasses are a plus but not required. It's also a plus to have a friend with you for a fresh persective. 
Last night's view sparked a fire in me that hasn't bunred in a while. I was overcome. Suddenly I feel a rush- a need to create. Don't you just love that? That inspiration that fuels your energy, enabling you perhaps to work straight through the night or even all day. 
Tomorrow will be day 3 of working on a little piece inspired by last night's scenery. 
Here are the photos I took. May they inspire you to do something creative. Let those juices flow.

breath taking no?

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