31 ottobre 2010

T H I S I S H A L L O W E E N ! ♥

This year's Halloween weekend was epic and super drunktastic!! Last year's was super fun and all but way more tame in comparison.
Friday's party was in Pasadena near my old stomping grounds in Altadena.
The music was perfect and I was surrounded by great friends and beautiful strangers....whom later became my new friends haha

Felissa was beyond adorable in her pumpkin outfit ♥

Rene was Father Damien Karras from The Exorcist 

Puah and Christina were the Rock of Love girls while Bryce was Bret Michaels

Johnny was Léon from The Professional and FATBOY was a bum!

Christian was Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House

Keely and Syd were a couple of Red Neck Bitches!

Imelda and Elyse looked babelicious as a Kitty and a Coffin Queen

I was a Frenchie and here I am pictured sans mon béret gris! 

Adam the referee and Spanky the pup

Elyse and Jareth the Goblin King!! (aka Puah's roomie)

Mimi the Stepford wife and Puah the rock slut

♥  P A R T Y  A N I M A L S ♥

Saturday night was part house party part bar hopping. Lots of interesting costumes. 
I didn't take as many pictures of people but I did get a few of myself ;D
My costumes were thrown together at the last minute. (I am newly single so the costume ideas previously discussed were all thrown out the window)
I dressed up as Minnie Mouse 
I used a lil figurine I have as a reference, peachy tan shoes and all

Elyse was Lucy Ricardo!
I made friends with a friendly caveman and a Chilean miner but I can't find the napkin I wrote their e-mail addys on. Oh well!
Tonight was laid back. We watched Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn, and American Werewolf in London

Hope you all had a safe and memorable Halloween this year! 

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